Friday, October 1, 2010

Glasses free 3D TV a costly affair

3D TV sets are talk of the town no doubt. The electronic gadget is receiving praises from the people who have watched their favorite entertainment on it. The 3D TV sets have captivated the minds and hearts of its viewers but the need to wear glasses while watching them has received flack from many. These glasses are geeky looking and many find them uncomfortable.

To put an end to the hassles that come along with the 3D TV glasses Toshiba recently launched its latest range of Glasses free 3D TV. This concept is not new as most of the TV manufacturers were trying hard to make a 3D TV that would be glasses free. Toshiba has become the first one to do so.

The news is good as people will no longer have to be dependable on glasses to enjoy the 3D effect. 3D TV owners were also upset about just a single pair being supplied with the 3D TV set. Already the cost of 3D TV Sets is high and the additional glasses further increase the cost. But with Toshiba’s glasses free TV this would no longer be a problem.

The glasses free TV has finally become a reality but its cost is too high for people to own it. Quite a few have bought home 3D TV sets mainly because they do not fit in their budget and a lot of them are waiting for the prices to be slashed down once the competition becomes tough. Toshiba’s glasses free 3D TV costs higher than the regular 3D TV sets. Even if people will not have to pay for the extra 3D TV glasses pair they are not willing to buy them. People prefer to wait and watch and the same is the case with glasses free 3D TVs.

Looks like the 3D TV fans can wait a bit more for the prices to be slashed down. Currently there is shortage of 3D content after October1, 2010 with the launch of Sky’s 3D channel this problem would end. May be then the sales of the glasses free 3D TV’s the prices would go down.

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